Learn more about the topics relevant to moonlighting officers below

  • Shifting legal standards on Qualified Immunity
  • Defining what constitutes acting under the ‘color of law’
  • Case studies which demonstrate the legal ambiguity surrounding personal liability


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Safeguard you and your family’s financial security with PATROL, a professional liability protection product for off-duty police officers.

If you are subject to a groundless accusation or lawsuit claiming bodily injury, personal injury, or property damage while you were engaging in secondary employment or moonlighting services, PATROL has you covered. We are proud to provide protection for America’s Finest and their loved ones, ensuring that you won’t have to pay out of pocket for expenses associated with personal liability lawsuits such as:

Civil Judgments/Awards   Legal Fees  • Expert Witness Testimony •  & More

With PATROL, your focus can be on the job at hand, because we’ve got your back.


  The Percentage of Actions Brought Against Police Officers That Result In a Jury Trial


Average Cost to Defend a Personal
Liability Lawsuit

43 Million

Number of Hours Law Enforcement Officers Work on Behalf of Private Employers Every Year

Police Officer with Kid

Off-Duty Liability Protection

Two Liability Limit Options Available:

$100,000 - $250 annually (premium plus administrative fees)

$250,000 - $450 annually (premium plus administrative fees)

Additional Coverage Enhancements Available:

    • Moonlighting - Extends coverage to include services provided on behalf of private companies and employers.
    • Hot-Line - Proprietary access to attorneys or other legal professionals. Offers expert advice to policyholders participating in civil, administrative, or other disciplinary hearings.
    • Tailored Group Plans - Unique policy features offered to police departments, associations, organizations, etc.


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