When asked why we started PATROL, we find the answer to be pretty simple and straightforward. In fact, we use it in our materials: Your badge protects us, our shield protects you. It’s not just a tagline for the company. You see, PATROL was started by Rockwood Programs, a nationally recognized insurance agency located in northern Delaware specializing in liability insurance. In fact, the folks at Rockwood have been in the insurance industry providing valuable solutions for over 25 years. Rockwood doesn’t just provide insurance programs for insurance sake. Instead, we identify real needs and develop programs to fill those needs.

One of the trends we see happening is the increasing scrutiny that police officers face both on and off duty. At Rockwood, we recognize the valuable service our folks in blue provide in protecting our family, homes, communities and businesses. We believe that far too often the commitment displayed by police officers every day goes mostly unnoticed and sometimes unappreciated by the public at large. Whether an officer is on duty or off duty providing security services, we feel they always have our backs and our best interest at heart.

Using our experience working in the law enforcement space and our insurance knowledge, we saw a need to help provide protection for officers and the significant exposures they may face today. We see an opportunity to not only educate officers on the liability they may be exposed to, but also provide them first class service if they find themselves named personally in any type of lawsuit. We see it as one way we can give back.